Monday, June 18, 2012

Stephany & Tarot Cards

Saturday afternoon I caught up with a dear friend of mine, Stephany (also known as Edna).  We went to a tarot card reader who lives near my mother's house.  It was quite entertaining and enlightening.  One of my many favorite tid-bits is that apparently Steph and I have lived a number of lives together in the past - during some of which we were lovers - though now we tend to think of each other more as twins.

I met Stephany during our Sophomore year in High School and fell madly in love with her sense of humor and amazing heart.

The class where Steph & I met (and a friend, Natasha)
We, along with our 3rd musketeer Yolanda (who will probably get her own post soon enough), had a number of escapades throughout High School.  We particularly enjoyed hanging out in 24-hour big-box stores and being inconceivably silly.  Steph lived 3.1 miles from me and I would pick her up on the way to school each morning.

Us in a Meijer parking lot (along with Hula-Girl on the dash)

 One of my favorite places to have a Stephany (and Yolanda) is Wheatland each September!  We camp, listen to great bluegrass, eat delicious food, and wear a ton of tie-dye.
Our coordination was unplanned
Steph was in my wedding (and I in hers just a few months before).  She will be an aunty to my children.  She has an irrevocable, unconditional, unapologetic invitation to my life (and house). 

At my bachelorette party
Candid shot of Steph at my wedding
The card reader said she saw Stephany and me pregnant at the same time.  She also said she saw me pregnant, with a girl - a reincarnation of a person close to me to died recently, much earlier than I had planned.  Actually, she said a lot about both of us - some of which I might reveal if it comes true.


  1. There are few sweeter things in life than a good friend <3

  2. So upset that I couldn't make it...I could have used some amazing insight at this point in my life. I miss you and love you much...when I get sad I often think of you because I know you are always supporting me with your spirit and your strength no matter where you are. I can't wait to get in a bit of a better place so that I can come see you again. Love you !!

    1. It was definitely a bummer that you weren't with us - but I totally get having all sorts of life getting in the way of a play date :) I miss you too - and love you dearly. I find you wandering into my thoughts regularly. You will always have unconditional support, even if it is 2 hours away. I would love to come visit too - anytime until the end of august (no plans). We can do something or do nothing!