Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garden Update

Seed starting went better than it ever has - but I still killed pretty much everything by the frost date.  I have a few lettuce heads and some thyme left.  Luckily, I live right down the street from a grow store called Northern Lights.  They specialize mostly in hydoponics but this summer they filled the parking lots with flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  I spent about $40 on two flats of plants and divided them out into my new beds.

Thyme, strawberries, mints, and basil
Carrots, Cukes, Beans, Peas, Lettuces, Peppers, etc.
Garden - finally in!
Garden layout (don't mind the crossed boxes).  Also, I inverted the right side beds so they are symmetrical with the left.
I'm planting several varieties of sunflowers, Beefsteak & Sungold tomatoes, Serrano peppers, sweet & thai basils, and successive plantings of carrots.  I also have pole beans, red cabbage, 3 types of lettuce (red leaf, green leaf, and romaine), and 3 types of thyme (French, English, and lemon).  I'm capping the beds with Zinnias and Marigolds because they attract pollinators but keep predators away.  I used my little knowledge of companion planting to create some kind of a plan for placement.  For example - basil & tomatoes work well together.  Having collards & cabbage, which are cool weather/shade loving plants, next to climbing plants like cucumbers & beans will help keep the former from bolting.  

I look forward to sharing more pictures as they take off - and can't wait for the first taste.

PS - I think I killed the raspberry, black raspberry, and blueberry bushes.

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