Friday, June 1, 2012

Pictures up

Sammit and I are waiting for a pre-approval letter from our credit union in order to put an offer on a house we want to buy.  Which means we could be moving just after the 4th of July (I'm trying not to get ahead of myself).  What a perfect time to finish unpacking and get our pictures up on the wall here?  Right!?

Today I hung our wedding photos that we've had since October 2011 (our 1st anniversary).  I also hung a picture my sister drew for my birthday in November; it's in the hallway leading the the second floor.  Finally, I hung the artwork I gave to Sammit for Christmas this past year near our television.  This stuff has been framed and stacked around the house for at least six months.  Whew! It's nice to have that floor space back.  Also, I learned that I cannot hang a straight picture to save my freaking life.  7 screws/nails = 14 holes in the wall.  I'll get better - am I over thinking this?  under thinking?

Our mantel in the living room
Please pardon the reflection
Miyazaki surrounded by his animation

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