Thursday, January 27, 2011

Name Change

Last night I was playing around with tumblr for a while trying to decide if I wanted to change my blog over to their format.  I don't think I do.  While there are a few aspects of tumblr that I enjoy - the format is just not traditional enough for me.  I may double post for a while until I make a complete decision.  However, I did decide (been on the fence for a while now) to change my url.

When I first put this blog together, I had quite a few quotes that I found inspiring, but most of their variations in url form were taken at blogger in one way or another.  So, I settled on the quote from Dr. W. Edwards Deming: "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory."  It was not ideal, but it got what I thought was my message through.  It turns out though - having the word "Survival" in your blog when writing about ecological life changing and canning and self-sufficiency is a turn off for a lot of people.  I'm not a survivalist, but I would consider myself on the road to "thrivialist," a word I first read from the very inspiring Kate at Living the Frugal Life.

I like that Deming's quote says - you don't have to change - you really don't - no one will make you.  But if you don't, you and many around you may, in fact, perish.  *Jon Stewart Shrug* Ya know? Its something I think is pretty true - we cannot keep taking our resources for granted.  We cannot keep living a as if we have a spare planet in the back on which we can rely.  However, I don't believe that standing on a soapbox will bring change.  I don't believe that you can guilt someone in to change - it isn't productive.  Deming's quote, tongue in cheek, elicits those images in my mind of green-purists who can out-eco anyone.  I am not that person, nor do I ever wish to be.

While writing, I frequently have the TV on in the background  because I need the noise (yeah, I use the TV as a talking lamp - but that's for another post).  It's usually playing a TiVo'd episode (yeah, I have TiVo - yet another post) of Golden Girls, Frasier or Dharma & Greg.  I enjoy quotes from all of these show - but two of my favorites are from Dharma & Greg.

1) "You can't fault a pig for having a shorter neck than a giraffe."

2) "Failure is the compost from which we grow success."

I've tried to find credit to these wise words - but the shows are the only thing that come up when I search.  The first, while wise, does not translate well into a blog title but I think the second does.  It seems particularly fitting for this blog.  And so today, I made the change.  I don't really have followers - so it seems to be relatively safe once I've sent out a few emails to friends and family who care to read occasionally.

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  1. Love the new look and feel Dillon! And I LOVE Dharma and Greg! Great quotes :) And, I too have "guilty greens" like tvs and new phones and laptops etc.