Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kelly the Kitchen Kop Link

There are a few bloggers I've been following for some time now - people who've inspired me to keep my own journal of change - and while I'd like to take the time to talk about them all (and I will), Kelly (from Kelly the Kitchen Kop) has created a give-away, bringing her to the front of the line.

Kelly is located in the Grand Rapids, MI area - where I grew up and where my mother still lives.  She is one of my food heroes and she regularly totes the Weston A. Price Line.  She is holding a giveaway for one of her sponsors, Green Pasture.  You should check it out - and here's a link!

And because I don't like posts without pictures - here's a shot of Kelly and her husband - taken from her About Me section on the site.

Aren't they cute?  Seriously, check it out.

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