Friday, October 26, 2012

Going Out in a Glorious Gif-straviganza

I've put some though into how to deal with my blogging predicament and you may all be wondering if I'm going to take that next step to becoming legitimate.

That's right.  I purchased a doman name a few days ago and I am taking yet another small step toward making this whole homesteading/CSA/Education center a reality.

After doing some research I decided that I'm going to move my materials over to Wordpress, where I was told there is a steep learning curve but the ability to customized is greater than here at Blogger.  My initial examination of Wordpress and it's dashboard left me enthralled, especially the tool that allows me to use previous posts as templates (meaning all of my vacation posts or recipe posts or garden posts can follow their own individual formats without me having to remember how I formatted everything).  

But on further examination and getting themes, posts, and pages around...I've found I'm at the very base of that learning curve.

I've spent six hours over the last two days trying to get a look going, an "About" page with pictures in the right places, and my first content filled post.  At this rate I will have to quit school to get anything good to happen over there.

However, those two days are over and I have things the way I want them for now, though there will be changes throughout the next few months.  Some of the posts from this blog will be reincarnated over there from time to time - mostly the archival garden updates and recipes.  This current blog will remain in existence for some time.   So now I will share with you, for the first time: 

I would love it if you joined me over there.  You can follow me on Wordpress, add me to your reader, like Om-Nom Acres on facebook, or just check in from time to time.  Yeah?

Go ahead, do it right now, I'll wait.

For those of you coming with me, thank you!

For those of you thinking you'll pass, I'll miss you.

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