Sunday, September 23, 2012

Garden Update - September 2012

I've harvested a total of 23.61 pounds of produce, herbs, and flowers from the garden this year.  I haven't yet harvested cabbage or carrots and there are plenty of green tomatoes and peppers left ripening.

I haven't been able to keep up with the herb production!  I've been making a lot of pesto to use up a plethora of herbs.  I've been drying lavender for baths and mint for tea.  I've also been unintentionally rooting basil on my kitchen windowsill; I'm going to try to plant it in pots soon.
 I've been picking zinnias like crazy and they keep making more!  They're a great combination of pink and orange.  My sunflowers have all been hacked down by creatures of some kind: birds, squirrels, chipmunks.  I have one tiny teddy-bear sunflower plant left hiding between some tomatoes.

Zinnias, Marigolds, Pole Beans, and Beefsteaks
This morning I picked a few more tomatoes out and 1.25 pounds of green/purple beans for dinner tonight.  I lost most of my cucumbers to beetles though one plant has managed to stay healthy and is producing a few more fruit for me.  I lost the powdery mildew battle with my zucchini and tore most of them out.  I left two plants in the ground and they've regrown as healthy plants but I don't think I'll get any fruit out of them for the rest of the year.  Fingers crossed.

In terms of preserving: I have 3 pints of green beans canned and a quart of diced tomatoes and a 1/2 pint of tomato paste.  (Along with my pinto and black beans, though those didn't come from the garden).  I also have around a dozen Serrano peppers frozen.  No jam, lemonade, or fruit this year.  It actually has been a rather underwhelming canning season for me.  We definitely won't have packed cupboards this winter.

I ordered my cover crop and garlic along with hundreds of flowering bulbs (hyacinth, daffodils, allium, and anemone).  I hope to get everything in the ground before halloween - wish me luck on that one!

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