Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vermont 2012 - Intervale Center

View from my first dinner in Vermont - we watched the storm come in over the Lake Champlain

The first stop on our Food Revolution tour was the Intervale.  We had a makeshift breakfast from the local co-op followed by a few hours of lecture on mental models, balancing vs. reinforcing cycles, environmental ecology, and social/natural capital.  We explored the farm and learned about its history and future; the Intervale Center serves as an incubator for beginning farmers and has a community owned CSA.  We ended the afternoon with a exercise where we had to design our own restaurants.

Intervale Logo
Panoramic of the Intervale Center

Our lecture hall, lab, and cafeteria
Presenting our restaurant business plans & menus
Posted just inside the barn door
Next stop: Dinner - Burger Night at Bread & Butter Farm....

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