Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some in-betweens

I've been trying to get my other posts about Vermont done but it is taking longer than I had thought.  I was sure the experience would flow from my fingers but it was such a great/crazing/tiring/exhilarating trip that I'm having trouble expressing it.  In the mean time I've had so many things I've wanted to write about but I've been avoiding it because of my Vermont procrastination.  I've decided that is just plain silly.  This is my journal, I can write about whatever I'd like whenever I'd like.  So there.


After dozens and dozens of of house viewings Sammit and I have decided to forgo buying a house this year.  We'll check back to our feelings (and savings account) after I graduate in April.  Until then we've decided to put a little money into the house we live in now.  We rent from Sammit's brother and he's given us permission to do just about anything we want to the house.  To make a long story short the first two year's we've lived here have not been calm and at the end of each year we think of moving.  We've worked out a lot of kinks and decided that we could be really happy here if we just finished unpacking and painting.  You know, make it look like we actually live here.

We have a decent budget for each room and can't wait to blow off steam with a little retail therapy after scrimping and saving so hard for the last several months years.  We're saying goodbye to our plastic china cabinet and 80's couch - and a lot of the other hand-me-downs we were thankful to receive while we were getting started.

Step One: Clean & Declutter.  Devin and I made a decent killing at our first garage sale and yet we still have a ton of stuff to eliminate.  I think two more passes should do it.

Step Two: Paint.  Right now every room in the house is painted a cold powder blue.  Gross! (Sorry Bro, poor decision).  I'm thinking....

  • Dining Room: Navy & Cream
  • Living Room: Crimson & Cream
  • Bedroom: Coffee & Cream
  • Office: Teal? or Orange?
  • Guest Room: Lilac
Step Three: Furniture.  While the 80's couch is out, we're moving to another hand-me-down from a stylish and modern friend of a friend.  I've recruited Devin to help me paint and reupholster our dining set as well as some bookcases.  I've also made a shopping list for IKEA for a few things (guest/day bed, desk for the office, TV stand, etc).

Step Four: Decor.  Finally filling and hanging my dozens of frames!  Putting the appropriate vases/art/mementos  in the right rooms.  Finding fun ways to keep things organized.


I'll have to take a picture tomorrow but the garden has exploded!  I've been keeping track of our bounty though admittedly it isn't much - mostly herbs, lettuce, and a few squash(es?).  No tomatoes or cucumbers yet but they're on their way along with peas, beans, and peppers.

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