Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Angie, over on Hippie Heart sent me a Stylish Blogger Award - no doubt for the recent blog make over ^_~ and because she's most likely my only reader.  I was listed among famous sites such as Gweneth Paltrow's GOOP. Thanks Angie!

The rules: 
1. Thanks and link back to the person who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3.Give the award to 15 other bloggers

Seven things:
  1. I was recently accepted to the University of Michigan's Masters in Social Work program (2nd in the country).  I'm interested in decreasing food insecurity in families and communities and increasing availability to quality low-cost produce, dairy and meat.
  2. I live with my husband of 5 months (partner for 8 years) and our two cats in my brother-in-law's house in a Detroit suburb. 
  3. Four things terrify me in life: 1) E.T. the extra-terrestrial, 2) Social or biological collapse resulting in a post-apocalyptic world akin to Cormac McCarthy's novel, "The Road" 3) Infertility, and 4) Snakes.  In that order.
  4. Several years ago I had a very popular blog (that was partly responsible for meeting my partner) and sometimes I feel as if I'm writing this blog in its shadow - though that concern is really just in my head.  I lost the site, most of the entries, and the desire to write when their server crashed in 2005.
  5. I took 4 years of Spanish in High School and 2 years of intensive Hindi in college.  I still know more Spanish than Hindi - Gracias Senora Roesselor and my apologies Pinderjeet-ji.
  6. I love to learn as much about a topic as I can but instead of turning that information or practice into a hobby, I move on to the next topic.  I...collect hobbies?
  7. I'd like to become self-sufficient enough to not have to go to a grocery store more than once a year.  I made a 5 year plan for this goal and I'm rounding into year 2.
 15 Stylish Bloggers:
  1. K & MK over at Stories from Plate to Fork
  2. Beth, aka Fake Plastic Fish
  3. The Co-opers at The Green Phone Booth
  4. The Ladies from Offbeat Mama
  5. Rachel at Small Notebook
  6. Sherry, John & Clara (aka the cutest people in the world) at Young House Love
  7. Kelly The Kitchen Kop
  8. Jenny at The Nourished Kitchen (Check out her awesome! classes).
  9. El at Fast Grow the Weeds
  10. Kate at Living the Frugal Life
  11. Susy at Chiot's Run (also co-op'd with Not Dabbling in Normal)
  12. Abby at New Urban Habitat
  13. Devin at Barefootnwild
  14. Steven, aka VUBOQ
  15. Donielle from Naturally Knocked Up

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