Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No 'poo

About 3 months ago I read a few articles on going "No 'poo."  There is a subset of people who don't use shampoo or conditioner but instead take up a method calling no 'poo.  I was intrigued and concerned.  I was under the impression that after an initial transition period of a few weeks, no 'poo-ers stopped washing their hair all together.  While no 'poo-ers often don't wash their hair as frequently, some once a week - some even longer, they still clean their hair.  Once I pieced that together, it was a lot easier for me to get on board.

I became a no 'poo-er just before my wedding.  I fell off the wagon for a month or so, but after having poor reactions to some aveda hair products (horrible dandruff, oily hair) I've returned.  I didn't have a transition period the first or second time I went no 'poo.  My hair responded very well immediately, though I think I was rewarded with others' trial and error.

For sham-poo and conditioner I used two spouted bottles from our co-op.  It took a little while to get used to not having a lather of suds crowned on my head, but now I don't think about it. No 'poo as often as you need.  I started every other day, now I can do this twice a week and my hair stays clean.  My dandruff has gone away. 

Sham-poo: 1 part baking soda: 8 parts water
Conditioner: 1 part white vinegar (or apple cider): 6 parts water, + a vanilla pod or a cinnamon stick (or both!)

1) Wet hair in the shower.
2) Keeping spout close to your scalp, saturate your head with baking soda mixture; rinse.
3) Keeping spout close to your scalp, saturate your head with vinegar mixture; rinse.

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  1. This is fascinating! I use baking soda to battle oil and I use vinegar to battle dandruff! I have never considered this, but I am going to absolutely try it. I have really oily hair most of the time though... so I am apprehensive!

    Thank you for the idea :)