Thursday, October 14, 2010

Post-Nuptiual: The Marriage Ceremony

Around one month ago I went into Bridal Mode and descended into the depths of RSVPs and table arrangements.  I have come up for air.  The marriage ceremony went well, the wedding went well and the additional reception went well (think we're tired? Yes.)

Sammit and I hatched a plan about a month ago to get legally married on the Friday before our wedding.  He wanted a large ceremony and reception with all of our friends and family - immediate and extended - and he was getting that.  His parents wanted a large Indian bash in a grand hotel with 400+ people - and they were getting that.  I wanted an intimate quirky ceremony with our close friends and family - immediate only.  And so, we decided that I was getting that as well.

And I did.  We were married at our rehearsal.  It was a surprise - outside of us, just the minister and my mother knew about it.  His parents, my parents, our wedding party and an assortment of others (about 50) watched as we exchanged personally written vows.  Sammit read his off his iPhone and I read bawled mine from notecards handwritten by my bridesmaid, Lisa.  There was a pirate theme - hats, eye-patches, booty and all.  Our guests and we a great dinner at a local place called One Trick Pony.

Yolanda, Stephany, Monica
Front: Lisa, Dillon (Me)
Missing: Devin, my sister and First Mate (taking the picture)

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