Saturday, January 7, 2012

Goodbye 2011

A lot happened between May and December of 2011.


  • I ran my last season of Summer Camps - kept me outrageously busy from May-August.
  • Sammit and I decided we were going to start saving and looking for a house.
  • I left my full time job at the research lab after 2 years full time and 4 additional years part time.
  • I was able to see fireworks!  Because of the camp schedule, this was the first set of fireworks I had seen on the 4th of July since 2005.
  • I went to Utah with Sammit; I fell in love with Salt Lake City and the Mountains.
  • I started my internship with a grassroots org in the area that mentors high school girls with the aim of abstaining from substance use, delaying pregnancy, and getting them into college.
  • I let my garden fall to crap :(
  • I started graduate school! and fell in love with social work.
  • Sammit and I decided it was time to have a baby!  (Then not so much.  Then sure why not.  Then it was a really bad time.  Then we wanted it more than anything.  Then it wasn't going to happen.  No babies, not yet.)
  • One of my dearest friends had her first child, Logan, and the world stopped for a day.
  • Sammit graduated his residency program! (yay) and therefore was no longer employed. (boo)
  • Sammit and I planned a romantic night out at La Dolce Vita for our one year wedding anniversary; instead we spent it in our sweats eating pizza and watching movies with my sister, Devin.  I wouldn't have changed a thing.
  • I kept thinking about planting garlic.
  • We had a disappointing round of trick-or-treaters.
  • I celebrated my 25th birthday by going around town completing 25 Acts of Kindness before midnight (Leaving quarters at the laundry mat, gift cards around bookstores, paying for the person behind me, giving cookies to nurses, the police & fire departments, bringing art supplies to children in the hospital, bringing supplies to shelters, etc.).  Sammit and Devin helped me make my goal by 11:45PM.
  • I hosted my first Thanksgiving at our (rented) house for 10 people!
  • Sammit finally started his new job! (and I could start breathing and paying tuition again)
  • The garden was officially dead.
  • My step-father had a medical scare and spent nearly 3 weeks in the hospital (he's now recovering slowly at home).
  • We adopted another dog, a Daschaund named Dashel, pictures and a story later.
  • We decided to keep saving but stop looking for a house, for now.
  • We held a very small, very last minute New Year's Eve party at Sammit's parents' house.


  1. I absolutely LOVE how you spent your bday. LOVE IT! I need to take a Saturday and have a day like that with my son... I want him to learn how awesome it is to make another persons day and spread kindness. Omg, I am so inspired.


  2. I highly recommend it - I think you two would have such a blast! We had and amazing time and it was an unforgettable birthday. Sammit is already planning his for April. When people asked me why I was doing it (and a lot of people were initially suspicious) I told them that so many people do nice things for you on your birthday - I was returning the favor.