Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wilson's Temperature Syndrome

I met with my (new) doctor this afternoon.  After blood labs and tracking my temperature 3x/day for the last three weeks, she is treating me for Wilson's Temperature Syndrome.  It's a thyroid related illness that can't be diagnosed with conventional tests.  My thyroid levels appear within the normal range, but I still have symptoms.  So my temperature was tested and my daily average temp is well below 98.6 - usually around 97.5 degrees.  In fact, after 60 temps only three hit 98.6.

My symptoms include chronic fatigue, headaches multiple times a week, migraines multiple times a month, heartburn, low motivation/productivity, difficulty losing weight, gradual and steady weight increase, insomnia....just to name a few.

My treatment includes having to religiously track my temps 3x/day, my pulse and my dosage of thyroid hormone (which starts tomorrow and is rapidly increased daily until my temperature rises).  The best way to explain it - taking very high levels of thyroid supplement is supposed to retrain my thyroid to produce on its own.  I'm supposed to be energized and warm.  Possible side effects: increased heart rate, increased anxiety - both of which are signals that my dosage is too high and needs to be pulled back.

I'll keep you posted.

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