Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Garden Y1-W4

In an attempt to catch up on blogging from a crazy summer and to keep my gardening posts up to date, I'm posting pictures from week 4 of our garden growth.  I attempted to grow from seed but two curious cats and a week long trip to India put a stop to that.  Nothing that I started indoors (under grow lights from my apartment gardening days) made it much bigger than a dandelion.  A convenient trip to the farmer's market helped me recover from the sad little sprouts and start my first fruitful patch - two full flats of anything I wanted for 20.00! (Bringing out garden total up to 70.00).  In short, this is to explain that my week 4 garden is larger than it would be if I had grown from seed.  But enough from me, let's get to the garden porn - these pictures are from mid-June:

Our toms at week 4
Peppers (don't get too attached) at week 4
Our paste tomatoes in the back and some brussels' sprouts at the far right.
Cucumbers in the back - getting wild.
A lettuce mixture attempted from seed.
Lettuce in the front with a crazy batch of weeds.
Close up of the baby cukes

Zucchini and Summer Squash in the back
Carrots from seed in the front

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